We're interested in the radical and the metaphysical. The radically metaphysical or the metaphysically radical.

Please submit whatever you think constitutes a poetry book. We are not interested in format so long as we can print it, and so long as it's good.

Advance for accepted manuscripts is $700.
“Mine is a world foregone though not yet ended—
An imagined garden grey with sundered boughs
And broken branches, wistful and unmended,
And mist that is more constant than all vows.”

 Hart Crane, from “Postscript”

  • We are interested in great prose: the genre is not important. Mixed genres, experiments of all kinds are welcome. So are traditional categories (novel, story, essay).
  • $2,500 advance for accepted manuscripts.

We publish a journal simply called "New Writing". 

Please submit up to:

5 poems

2 stories

2 essays

We pay $50 plus 3 contributor copies for accepted work.

We look forward to reading.

Serpent Club Press